Web Hosting Review : Geek Storage Cpanel Shared Hosting

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Web hosting is not just a machine, but more on speed and quality, so that your website becomes smoother and faster, and your website data is safe.

In this article, we review Geek Storage, the web hosting used by our friend Markotop.

Web Hosting Review : Geek Storage

Geek Storage Short Profile

Geek Storage has been around for more than 10 years with 100% ownership of its employees. With a correspondence address at: GeekStorage.com LLC, P.O. Box 1709, Norman, OK 73070, USA.

In terms of website speed, the location of your data is very important. Geek Storage data center locations are strategically selected to position your data optimally to reach your user and client base. You can select a data center location in Chicago, Illinois, USA or Falkenstein, Germany.

Since your website must always be reliable, Geek Storage only choose data centers that are completely redundant. Have a power problem in the middle of the day? Your website won’t even flinch!

Your sensitive information will not be placed on servers operating out of someone garage. No, your data is stored on hardware protected by enterprise level security. Even Geek Storage employees can’t enter a building without a matching ID badge and fingerprint!

Geek Storage Hosting Plans

Hosting packages at Geek Storage are divided into 5 broad categories, namely Unlimited Hosting, Performance Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers.

Unlimited Hosting makes it easy for you so you don’t need to be worried about space and bandwidth allocations for your website. With annual prices starting at US$ 38.35 (Use the promotional code “10ANNUNL” to get 60% recurring discount), you can get unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth for your website.

As your website grows and gets crowded, you can upgrade to Performance Hosting with more resources.

Reseller Hosting is suitable if you want to run a business selling web hosting services, so you can focus on marketing and technical matters done by Geek Storage.

VPS Hosting provides larger and more isolated resources specifically for your needs.

Dedicated Server means dedicated server resources for you.

Pros of Geek Storage

1. Affordable

The hosting service of Geek Storage provides a 30 day money back guarantee, 100% satisfied guarantee and 99.9% minimum uptime guarantee. Guarantee is a plus and even absolute for web hosting. If you think US$ 38.35 is a high price then it means you do not value your own time and energy. If divided per day, it’s only about 10 cents a day. Much cheaper than paying for parking and drinking coffee at your favorite coffee shop. After all, who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep without worries?

2. cPanel Control Panel

Cpanel provides more than 440 free software for its users. And Cpanel is a very popular hosting control panel and lots of users.

3. Friendly Technical Support

If you experience problems or difficulties, Geek Storage is available 24 hours a day via the Ticket System. Whether it’s dawn, midday or midnight, you gets an immediate response. And more importantly, the responses given were very helpful and provided adequate explanations, not just Yes or No.

4. Good Uptime

While using Geek Storage, the Markotop gets a very good uptime rate. This uptime can be viewed live on third party monitoring from Status Cake at this address.

5. Good Server

The server that uses Geek Storage is at least 2 Intel Xeon E5-2620 Super Micro processors with a RAID 10 SSD storage.

6. Off-Site Backup

Geek Storage provides off-site backups, which means the backup data is placed on a different server to help keep your data safe from hardware failures and other disasters that may occur.

Lack of Geek Storage

The biggest drawback of Geek Storage is that they do not provide hosting location in Asia.


As of this publication, Markotop remains satisfied with the service and hosting quality of Geek Storage.

That is the review of the Geek Storage. Hopefully it can be useful.

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