3 Free Online Services To Monitor Site Uptime

Online uptime or availability of a website is an important part of online business, because a site that is down cannot serve purchases and customers who want to find information about our products or services. Therefore we must place our site on a quality web hosting service provider. After using a quality web hosting provider, of course we still have to monitor independently to ensure that our site is always up or down, so we can take the necessary precautions to ensure our site has a good uptime. For large companies, they can create an independent monitoring system, but what about MSME businesses, social andRead More →

Ikahana - Uptime Robot

As businesses of all sizes become more and more dependent on an online presence, website uptime becomes even more important. To avoid offline periods for businesses, websites must take advantage of the latest IT services and technologies designed with maximum uptime in mind. To help you better understand the importance of uptime and what you can do to achieve reliability, we’ll look at what uptime is, why it’s important, and steps you can take to ensure maximum uptime for your website. What is Uptime? We first need to answer a common question, namely what does uptime mean? Fortunately, uptime is not a difficult concept toRead More →