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Tajba - Logo - 02 - Transparent - 200x134 Tajba is a small, independent, Bali based company that is all about loving the nature, tree-hugging, nut-crunching with a passion for natural food.

The digital accelerator aims to make Tajba independent by leveraging their markets. This allows Tajba to grow at a faster face, without the need to make huge investments.

Markotop - Logo - 5 - Transparent - 250x35 Markotop is an online media that presents various kinds of information about Bali, including culinary, tourist attractions, promos and much more. The presence of Markotop in the online world aims to further facilitate access to such information.

Kolibri - Logo - Transparent - 200x146 Sehat Bumi Sejahtera, an instant ginger producer, has a vision of becoming a global company for herbal and herbal medicines with international standards that can serve and benefit the entire community.

As an MSME company, capital funds is a major obstacle.

So utilizing internet technology is the most appropriate choice for Sehat Bumi Sejahtera to grow their business.

Tionghoa - Logo - Samping - Transparent - 250x76Tionghoa is a website that provides information about the Chinese community in Indonesia, including Chinese culture, traditions, history and customs, as well as various other matters related to the dynamics of the Chinese community.

Kristan - Header - 1 - 225x107Kris Tan holds a Masters degree in Comparative Religion from the Faculty of Ushuluddin, Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University, Jakarta. Kris Tan is very committed to promoting interreligion and intercultural dialogue.

In 2009, Kris Tan represented the Republic of Indonesia from the Indonesia Youth Confucian Generation delegation in the 5th Regional Interfaith Dialogue Forum Leading Leaders of the Future Faith: Regional Challenges and Collaboration in Perth, Western Australia.

Today Kristan as Founder of Central Board Indonesia Youth Confucian Generation (GEMAKU).

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