“Go Online” is an attempt to expand your reach, whether for business or personal. With unlimited reach allows businesses or individuals to reach larger and wider goals.

Ikahana comes as your partner.

Ikahana? What is that? Many consider that Ikahana comes from Japanese. Actually Ikahana comes from the Hawaiian language, which literally means “I do”.

Got inspiration from an ancient poet named Laozi:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

With that spirit, Ikahana was born. 🙂

Ikahana logo has the same passion.

* Oke Saya Kerjakan = Okay I Do It

* Oke Saya Kerjakan = Okay I Do It

We have started our first step, then what about you?

If you want to reach larger and wider goals, then we need to talk.

Warm regards,